VBA Programming Workshop



                    Introduction to VBA Programming




1 Record a VBA macro to set the font in cell "A1" to 14 point bold.
2 Construct a VBA macro to greet you with "Good morning", "Good afternoon" or "Good evening" as appropriate.
3 Construct a VBA macro to toggle the display of gridlines. Assign the keyboard shortcut Crtl+G.
4 Construct a VBA macro to display the Excel color palette in the top left corner of an empty worksheet (cells "A3:H9"),
5 Extend the previous macro to display the ColorIndex in each cell.
6 Can you identify which colors in the standard palette are duplicated? How many distinct colors are there?
7 Construct a worksheet to compute the factorial function up to 6! = 720 without using the Excel  function Fact. Verify your calculations with Fact.
8 Write a VBA function Factorial to emulate Fact assuming an integer argument.
9 How does your function react to non-integer arguments, e.g. 4.5? How can you fix this so that it behaves like Fact.
10 How does your function react to negative arguments?